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Help your Random Special Agents complete their mission to punish the Evil Army of Marauders who have used chemical bombs to poison the people of the free world.

Made with XBox360Controller and Mouse.

Character Controls: Use MOUSE to adjust camera and Scroll to Zoom in&out. Joystick to move: Up to move forward Down to move backwards Left to rotate left RIGHT to rotate right. A Button to Jump(tap fast to jump faster and little higher). Tap X Button to Equip Sword. Hold Down X Button to Strike repeatedly. Tap RB to Equip Pistols. Hold Down RB Button to shoot repeatedly(for dealing with large crowds of enemies). Hold down LB Button to use First Person View(also unEquips weapons). While in First Person View you can look around using the joystick and fire a single shot (or repeated single shots) by pressing RB Button using the green marker in the middle of the screen to aim. Tap B Button to reset the camera orientation if you are trying to line up a shot from different angles.

SuperSpy Car: Driving the Spy Car allows you to move around undetected with it's special cloaking technology and makes getting out of danger easy. Y Button switches to car controls. B Button Exits the car. A Button allows you to super nitro jump. X Button resets your vehicle if you flip over. Press X Button while in air to hover hop through the air. Use LB Button to crash into enemies, enemy vehicles, and Break through glass walls and windows.

Tips: Use your radar to track down enemies. The green dot is your current/last location. the yellow dot is your vehicle. the red dots are enemies the pink are the victims of the chemical attacks. Blue dots are enemy vehicles. You can advance to the next stage by finding and defeating all enemy soldiers and vehicles. Once all the enemies in a stage are defeated the barrier in front of the exit will explode allowing you to enter the next level. Four main levels two secret levels 6 levels total. Keep your wheels parallel to the ground to land smoothly and be ready to correct trajectory with the reset/hover button. Use your car to chase enemy vehicles and crash into enemy occupied buildings that you can't reach on foot. Enemies will pursue the last position they saw you before you teleport to your car -use that to ambush large groups. You can fly higher by using the hover hop reset button...use that to find the hidden paths in the mountains...thats a hint btw.

This is a short experimental prototype I was having fun with while learning to use unity3d. I am a novice coder so the game has some lag issues on stage two(the Mount Ridge level) because that's a big level and I can't figure out how to get unity to cooperate with me right now. Make sure you take out those enemy transport vehicles!! They will continue to drop off enemy soldiers if you leave the game running so be sure to pause the game or it may crash the game. I noticed the lag is reduced if you eliminate the transport vehicles before they spawn large amounts of soldiers. ***WARNING*** do not play this game if you have Epilepsy. I used different camera speeds and scripts for the character and the car...the car camera is still buggy because I have not figured out how to make the camera chase fast moving objects smoothly. 


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